Barre is a fusion of vinyasa yoga, pilates and ballet.   The three combined result in an entire body workout that sculpts the muscles to become stronger, leaner and longer.  The interval training of the three different types of exercise will give your body the tools to become toned all over. We can assure you a few classes per week will result in an amazing body transformation. These classes are suited to all levels.  You decide how hard you want to work.


Barre Play 

Barre Play is a fun, movement-based style of barre, combining dynamic pilates with contemporary and classic ballet poses. You don’t need to have studied ballet or know the moves.  There is constant instruction and when in doubt, follow the person next to you.  This class will also guarantee to burn body fat and tone the body with the assistance of the barre and on a mat.


Barre Sculpt

Barre sculpt is a fun, strong and dynamic class available to everyone at all levels.  This class has a real emphasis on sculpting core strength, which derives from pilates principles.    There are exercises performed on the mats as well as leveraging against the barre.  We utilise hand weights both on the mat and at the barre.


Barre Bums

This class is a must, it will tone, sculpt and strengthen your muscles  with an added focus on building the glutes. This class combines interval training with a focus on isometric exercises.  We use hand weights as well as the barre in assisting us when not on the mat.  This class shapes and defines to create a beautiful body.


All of our barre classes require grippy socks which can be purchased in the studio. 

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