Why Everyone Should Meditate
Each time we meditate, we change our brain.  We are creating new neural pathways in the brain. Neural pathways are like apps that take us directly to a place of rest and stillness with less effort and with more success each time we meditate.  Our system adapts to a new place of rest and stillness, just as it adopts a pattern of being stressed easily, or going into states of anxiety easily.  Neural pathways re-wire your brain and subconscious patterns. We develop a greater ability to focus inwardly, which enhances the outer focus. Because there less stress in the system, our immune system is strengthened, and thus we experience much improved health.

We rest deeply during these sessions, allowing energy levels to be replenished.  Meditation assists the mind to find a place of clarity, to feel rested and let past behavioural traits fall away.  With each meditation practice you strengthen the tools to work well, concentrate and make positive decisions in both your personal and work life.

With a calm mind, you give yourself the gift of experiencing real joy as the world is viewed from a completely different perspective.  

Cancellation Policy – Please note class cancellations are allowed up to an hour before the class commences. Cancellations should be made via our Oski Yoga app. In the event of an emergency, cancellations will be accepted via phone or email.

Please note, a $20 courtesy fee does apply for no-shows for classes that are fully booked with a waitlist. This fee is imposed to encourage those who cannot make the class to cancel their booking and allow others the chance to attend. 

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